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Instruments for a haircut for long hair

Updated: May 19, 2020

Instruments for a haircut for long hair:

· Elevation is the lifting of hair from its usual fall. The elevation angle determines the technique in which we work.

· Parting – with the help of partings we bring up either mass or texture.

· The angle of cut is the position of the fingers and scissors relative to the parting.

· Stretching of a strand is the level of effort involved in stretching your hair.

· The strand direction is a change in the position of the strand forward or backward relative to its usual position. We build the geometry of the shape with the help of the direction of hair.

– Classic division into zones:

· Occipital;

· Temporal;

· Frontal;

· Parietal.

We want to reach a harmonious silhouette and a functional shape in our work. The client will be able to make good styling if I teach him that.

· Connect is a smooth transition from short to long hair that harmonizes the hairstyle.

· Disconnest is a contrasting transition from short to long hair. Disconnect can emphasize as well as bring contrast and dynamics.

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